The Closet Test.

I have a very simple test that helps me determine if I trust a man: I decide whether or not I would be comfortable being locked in a closet with him. With some men, I would be completely comfortable being locked alone in a closet with them…

She’s Crazy.

Women often face an especially insidious cycle when dealing with drama.

As the drama begins to brew, many of us speak up. We do our best to communicate our thoughts and feelings, and share our perspective on what is happening. …

How Long Is Long Enough?

I really think that this is one of those “million-dollar questions.”

Earlier this week I was speaking with a woman who split with her ex over six years ago. They share a teenage son and her ex continues to terrorize her. In fact, last week…

Jennifer Ruby

I'm a survivor who is stronger than she realized and dedicated to helping women share their own stories of survival and triumph.

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